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 Brothers Mold Remediation in NJ

For people who need mold remediation services in NJ, Brothers offers everything you need. Our independent mold testing and full service mold remediation staff can meet all of your needs! Our company is fully licensed, insured and BBB accredited. We’ve been offering mold remediation to all of New Jersey since 2001.

Before you even think about getting mold remediation done, you need to speak to a company who knows what they’re doing. The mold remediation industry is plagued with unethical contractors who try to take advantage of unaware NJ homeowners.

So before you sign any contracts, here are a few things to consider about mold remediation.
  • Mold remediation should always be done if there is visible mold.
  • Mold testing is only needed in a small % of cases and is often done for the wrong reasons.
  • A high mold spore count does not mean you’re at risk of becoming sick.
  • Mold mycotoxins are what makes people sick, and these can’t be measured.
  • Mold remediation can be expensive, but most of the time its done the wrong way.


Do NOT Sign Any Mold Remediation Contracts Until You Ask Yourself These Questions!

“Is mold remediation expensive”?

We get asked this question all the time, yes, mold remediation in NJ can be expensive! The cost of mold remediation can be anywhere between $3,000-$30,000 depending on the size of the home and problem.

However, one should never assume they are getting quality mold remediation just because its expensive. Please take the time to educate yourself about this process, before finalizing any decisions. One of the reasons mold remediation is expensive is because of the chemicals. We use a polymer based silver suspension that looks like white paint. But we don’t use this paint just because it looks good. We use it because we have tested every mold encapsulant in this industry. We have researched this topic for over a decade.

The chemicals sold at Lowes & Home Depot, do not actually kill and prevent mold. We are not here to convince you of this either. Just go buy them and read the back of the label where it states “we do not guarantee the efficacy of this chemical for x & y reasons”. The disclaimer is right on the back of these chemicals and nobody ever reads them!

Then what happens is normal contractors start offering mold remediation cause there are no federal regulations in NJ. They pick up these cheap, ineffective chemicals, don’t even apply them appropriately, and inflate the price to 10xs the cost.

The chemicals we use cost $150 / gallon. But they guarantee that mold will never come back for 30 years. And the only way the manufacturer acknowledges their guarantee is if the applicant received certification to use these chemicals. So even is using a silver based mold encapsulant…. you have to find out if they’re certified by the manufacturer. If they are not, their warranty is invalid!

Mold remediation is not as simple as most people think. In fact, this industry is plagued with negligence, lawsuits, litigation and malpractice.  Thats why New Jersey is trying to hard to get it regulated on a federal level.




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