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If you’re looking for mold testing in NJ, then you’ve come to the right place! Brothers Mold Remediation offers, mold inspections and mold testing to all New Jersey homeowners. We follow the most rigorous guidelines when interpreting the results of our mold tests. Although there are no actual federal regulations for mold testing, both the IAQ and EPA posses a refined list of standards to follow. ¬†We don’t only adhere to these standards but we possess multiple certifications in microbial and environmental consulting.

Our lead mold inspectors receive regular training in order to provide you with the most accurate test results. Keep in mind that there are many self proclaimed “mold inspectors” in the state of NJ, but only a small percent are properly certified.

Why You Should Choose Brothers Mold Remediation for Mold Testing?

Its pretty simple actually. We are the best at interpreting data. If you ask any environmental consultant, this is the hardest part of any mold test. It is not the sampling itself, but interpreting the large sets of data that are mailed back to us from the lab.

What Should I Look For When Someone Conducts A Mold Test on my NJ Home?

When mold sampling is being done, prior to mold testing, the inspector should behave like a scientist. We have met many non-certified contractors who go into homes and sample mold without even wearing labratory grade latex gloves. Or they disturb the surroundings prior to testing which offsets the results. Or they don’t bother to search the hard to reach areas of a home.

Sampling in itself is a science. So if your mold inspector stands around and just looks at walls and ceilings, there is a good chance he has no idea what he’s doing.

Does A High Level Of Mold Mean I’m At Risk Of Getting Sick?

No, absolutely not. High levels of mold all by themself mean nothing. What is important is interpreting the conditions of the mold. If there is more than 1 strain, this often leads to mold emiting mycotoxins in order to kill off other strains. These ¬†mycotoxins are known to be very harmful. If you have high levels of outdoor mold, chances are its getting into your home through vents and windows. Outdoor mold typically isn’t harmful cause UV rays kill off the mycotoxins.

One should never mistake mold spores for mold mycotoxins. Mold tests only test for spore counts. It is up to the mold inspector to assess the data and determine the likelihood of mycotoxins being present.



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