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Brothers started back in 2001 when the owner Robert Cece was working for a waterproofing company (who has now become our sister company RRR, LLC). One day, while installing a waterproofing system in a mold infested home (which was unknown at the time), the owner became gravely ill and had to be rushed to the Red Bank Hospital. Since noone had been living in this home for 3 years, it was discovered that there was a 3 inch thick, black mold colony growing within the walls. Right behind the fridge where a pipe had cracked. This black mold colony was getting a consistent supply of water for 3 years straight, and nobody ever saw or even suspected there was a leak in the home.

The workers proceeded to wrap themselves in tyvek suits and put on gas masks. Afterwards, they took out tools and began to knock down the fridge walls. Within 15 minutes, the 4 other workers in that home became gravely ill and were all rushed to the hospital. Mind you, in all 4 workers, the only exposed parts of their bodies were their ears and face.

The mold turned out to be an extremely toxic form of stachybotrys. But what made the mold so toxic, it was cohabiting with a second well known, toxic strain of mold called aspergillus. ¬†And the reality is, when 2 strains of mold mature, and meet like this, they don’t “cohabitate”. The battle each other for territory. They release extremely toxic mycotoxins in effort to kill off each other so one mold can preserve the environment solely for itself.

Once Robert recovered from his hospital visit, he proceeded to take classes on mold so he could protect himself in the future. He learned that mycotoxins can readily absorb through a persons ears, and enter the blood stream within seconds. Mold spores that enter through the ears can have an immediate neurotoxic effect since they’re actually entering the brain. ¬†Roberts traumatic experience with mold eventually grew into a second business. And that business he co-owns and operates with his brother Randy. Robert & Randy are the “Brothers” behind Brothers Mold Remediation, LLC.

Both are certified microbial consultants, environmental consultants, IAQ certified, EPA registered and currently employee a team of 12 highly trained staff, 3 crews, and an in-house lab consultant who interprets and reports on all our mold testing.

So rest assured, when you choose Brothers Mold Remediation, you’re choosing the best in New Jersey!



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